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If you want to be an FAA-certified pilot or mechanic, you will at some point need to take an FAA written test. It's very simple: the better you do on your written tests and the more knowledge you accumulate, the more successful your flying career will be. This is regardless of whether you just want to become a private pilot flying a Cessna around the patch on the weekends or whether your dreams would have you with an Airline Transport Pilot certificate sitting in the captain's seat of a Boeing 747 or Airbus 380.

These pages illustrate some questions like those that you can expect to see on your FAA written test. To see the most complete and up-to-date questions, including answers and explanations written by professional pilots, flight instructors, and examiners, click on the "download" link above to download Dauntless Software's excellent GroundSchool FAA written test preparation software. It's the best way to prepare for an FAA written exam, period - and the download is free.

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