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Flight and Ground Instructor Question Bank

The FAA Flight and Ground Instructor Test Bank contains questions for the following tests :

  • Flight Instructor Airplane (added rating) (AFA)
  • Flight Instructor Glider (added rating) (AFG)
  • Ground Instructor Advanced (AGI)
  • Ground Instructor Basic (BGI)
  • Flight Instructor Airplane (FIA)
  • Flight Instructor Glider (FIG)
  • Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI)
  • Flight Instructor Rotorcraft Gyroplane (FRG)
  • Flight Instructor Rotorcraft Helicopter (FRH)
  • Flight Instructor Gyroplane (added rating) (GFA)
  • Flight Instructor Helicopter (added rating) (HFA)

Our GroundSchool FAA written test prep software can help you prepare for most if not all of the above tests . It's a free download, so you can get started quickly. The software contains contains all of the charts and figures that you will need and features numerous study and learning modes, including ones that simulate the interface and environment at the actual testing center when you go to take the real thing so there will be no surprises.

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Additionally, the vast majority of questions in our software include detailed explanations written by our editorial staff of senior pilots, flight instructors, and examiners. Thousands of pilots have passed their written tests and learned the material well with the help of our software. Please give it a try and see if it works for you!

The topics covered in the Flight and Ground Instructor written tests include:

Did you know? Despite their claims of completeness, the FAA test banks provided by several other online test preparation sources are woefully incomplete. Read more about the situation here. Our GroundSchool FAA written test preparation software generally contains a much more up to date and complete question set and in no way suffers from such deficiencies. In fact, it's the best way to prepare for your FAA written test, period.

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